Mow Smarter

with Robotic Lawn Mowers

Welcome to North Dakota's first, largest and fastest growing network of robotic lawn care specialists. The future of lawn care is here with Autmow-bringing first-class technology and great service right to your yard with the world's top-rated robotic lawn mowers. Robotic mowing is better for your lawn, the environment, and it makes your life easier. Some of the benefits of mowing robotically are:‚Äč

  • Less harmful emissions with electric-powered vs gas-powered mowers
  • Consistent turf cutting, leading to better turf health
  • Razor sharp cutting blades that take off very small amounts of grass every day, meaning clippings easily fall into turf and decompose-no need for bagging or blowing clippings
  • Better weed control-weeds are cut down before growing to flower and seed
  • It's easy and efficient! You can save both time and money in the long run.

Here to Care for North Dakota Lawns

I am Tom Oakland, owner of Autmow of North Dakota LLC. I've been interested in the lawncare industry from a young age-when I was 15, I started a lawncare business in Bismarck. After selling that company, I served nine years in the Army Reserves, including a deployment in 2003, and completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering. The past 12 years I have worked in the energy industry. I currently reside in Bismarck and am happily married with three wonderful children. Our family loves to enjoy the outdoors across the state of North Dakota by camping, golfing, and fishing.

Throughout my career in engineering, I have found a passion for increasing efficiency while maintaining high quality. I started Autmow of ND in 2020 to learn as much as possible about robotic lawn mowing-a lawncare solution that blends efficiency and quality for a greener, healthier lawn. I am excited to introduce North Dakotans to this new technology, which will not only enrich their lawn but also save time and money through reliable automated technology. With my central location in Bismarck, I am proudly able to serve the entire state of North Dakota.