Say Goodbye to Spending Afternoons Mowing

Take home a robotic mower and save yourself hours of yardwork

When you're mowing, do you think of all the other things you'd rather be doing? From out on the golf course to the comfort of your couch, there are plenty of better places to spend your time. But thanks to Autmow of North Dakota LLC, you won't have to waste your afternoon mowing again.

We sell robotic mowers that work on their own to trim your grass. You won't have to lift a finger while your new favorite lawn tool gets to work! Stop by our store today to buy one of our high-tech robotic mowers.

No job is too challenging for our advanced mowers

Whether your yard is small and hilly or wide and flat, one of our mowers can take care of the grass. These smart devices can handle:

  • Mowing in the rain
  • Hills and sharp curves
  • Obstacles in their path

They know which areas of the lawn to focus on and to go back to base when the battery is low. And, they come with a variety of safety and security features. Ask us any questions about our robotic mowers when you get in touch with us today.


Robomow's line of robotic mowers were created to fit any residential lawn, from a small yard in the city to a sprawling estate. They have three models, each designed for a different yard size, so you know you're getting the right kind of machine for your lawn.


Husqvarna has been making robotic mowers for 20 years. With innovative designs and quality materials, there is a Husqvarna mower that meet your needs. These mowers are ideal for residential and small commercial properties, generally up to 2 acres. ​


Echo Robotics leads the pack in commercial grade robotic mowing. They're a perfect choice for larger commercial properties, sports turf, and parks. They can mow up to 6 acres per unit.


Ambrogio mowers combine professionalism, technological innovation, and freedom to care for your lawn. Their models are designed to be safe, eco-friendly, and easy-to-use, and great for residential properties.


Since 2007, Gardena is a member of Husqvarna Group. As a separate division, Gardena enjoys sufficient independence to focus on the needs of passionate gardeners and the strengths of the brand. In the context of the entire company Gardena can benefit from the size and strength of the Group, use their resources efficiently and purposefully build on the shared knowledge.


Worx mowers are built to provide the ultimate experience. Worx's patented Cut To Edge technology uses an offset cutting disc that allows the Landroid to get a closer cut than most competitors. Connected to Wi-Fi and complete with sensors and a great app, Worx is mowing into the future.