My husband and I are senior citizens and mowing lawn is getting more difficult. Last summer, 2020, we made the decision to invest in an auto mower. Tom and his crew did the installation in a few hours and it was up and running.
How wonderful it is to see this amazing machine in action. It looks like a miniature sports car roaming silently over the lawn. Neighbors stop and ask about it and their dogs eye it suspiciously. We are not tech savvy but the controls through the app on our smart phone proved easy to use.
Tom was extremely helpful in showing us how to run the controls. We are very happy with how the grass stays trimmed and also not have to mow and bag grass anymore.

Jan Greenstein

Tom is great. He went out of his way to help me with my mower and he is very knowledgable. I highly recommend Tom when it comes to your robot mower needs.


I'm probably Tom's most distant customer, but I feel like Tom is next door. He has been very responsive to the few questions I've had.
The installation was quick we have about a third acre lot with trees, garden boxes and a hedge. The mower navigates without a problem.
The original reason for the install was I had two rotator cuff surgeries on my right shoulder in six months. I was very reluctant to pull start a mower. Tom came to the rescue and installed our Automow!
It's awesome to be able to relax on the patio while the Automow keeps our yard looking great. Because it isn't blowing grass around there are no allergic reactions.
Our lawn is healthier, the short clippings are good mulch. It is much better for the grass to have a little trim often then to get to long when we're not home or busy. The Automow has helped keep the weeds under control also, they don't grow tall enough to flower and seed out.
An Automow is well worth the investment!

l eider